Film-related research work and digitalizing

Film-related research work and digitalizing support shall be allocated for:
a) research and scientific work on cinematography and Estonian film history;
b) preparing and publishing a film-related research article, printed material, educational material, a database or another publication;
c) digitalization and restoration of professionally produced films that are relevant to the Estonian film and cultural history, except films produced by Tallinnfilm and its predecessors.
Film-related research work and digitalizing support can be applied for by legal entities . The applicant has to be entered in the Estonian Business Register before the payment is made


Documentary Workshop „Ice and Fire Docs“

„Ice and Fire Docs“ is a creative documentary workshop for Estonian and Finnish filmmakers with international ambitions. Throughout the workshop the participants will work with different aspects of developing, producing, financing and distributing a feature length documentary film. Estonian and Finnish filmmakers are welcome to apply with a film project that is in development or in the early stage of production.


The Governance of Eurimages Evolves

Strasbourg, 10.09.2020 -On 9 September, the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe approved the reform of Eurimages, proposed in light of the conclusions of the Fund’s most recent external evaluation.